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Vocals Only: “The 5th Chair” – Episode Five

The next episode of “The 5th Chair” is now live! Many people have been asking me what my ‘real opinion’ of the talent level in this year’s show is. Time to reveal all…watch this episode to find out what I really think –

Link 1: Celine Dion & Peabo Bryson (
Link 2: Lionel vs Sabrina (
Link 3: Blake vs Lij (
Link 4: Mat vs Soli (

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Time to get honest! In this episode Dr Dan provides his assessment of the level of talent on display in this year’s show. It’s not all negative…Dr Dan also provides some great advice to young singers when interpreting the classics.

The episode finishes with an update to Dr Dan’s Top Eight (now a ‘Top Six’) as well as Dr Dan’s “Pick of the Week.”

“The 5th Chair” project with Dr Dan is a weekly independent video review of the third season of “The Voice Australia” (2014).

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