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Due to the unique nature of the Contemporary Worship Singer’s environment, academic literature is rare. The greatest challenge facing my first research into the group (Robinson 2002) was the lack of literature. For my doctoral work it has been necessary to draw on literature from broader fields of study such as postmodernism, Christian liturgy and church history. Culturally biased text forms the main body of literature and I have reviewed these writings in conjunction with the sparse body of academic literature to form an understanding of the environment. In addition to the ‘Christian’ focus of the reasearch I have reviewed past and current research on vocal pedagogy, for both contemporary and classical disciplines. The review of vocal text has also included the field of voice science and studio practice. Unlike the lack of culturally relevant academic text, both the fields of vocal pedagogy and studio practice are rich with current insight bolstered by emerging research. This has been an exciting area to review as I seek to create and offer ideals relevant to the training of the Contemporary Worship Singer.

The following reference guide lists some of the more prominent literature in my research to date. Where possible I have provided a hyper link to [they don’t charge freight] (red indicates highly recommended reading):


Worship History

Church History





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