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Vocals Only: “The 5th Chair” – Episode Ten

It’s been an arduous journey, but we have finally arrived at our top 4…make that our top 5.

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Not surprisingly, only one credible ‘voice’ (Anja Nissen) is left in the competition…and she’s only there because of a ‘program first.’ In this episode Dr Dan discusses the all important “X-Factor” when performing and has a final say about poor intonation.

The episode finishes with an update to Dr Dan’s Top Eight (now completely decimated by viewer voting) as well as Dr Dan’s “Pick of the Week.” Dr Dan also makes a final prediction about who he thinks is likely to take out the coveted first prize for season three.

“The 5th Chair” project with Dr Dan is a weekly independent video review of the third season of “The Voice Australia” (2014).

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