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Vocals Only: The Developing Singer | Melissa Forbes | Specialist Session #1

Dr Dan talks with Melissa Forbes from the University of Southern Queensland about her journey as a singer. Melissa offers us a number of valuable insights into the development of the modern contemporary vocalist.

Check Out: USQ Music Department –

0:58 Melissa talks about her journey as a singer and teacher.

6:06 Taking the step into professional singing.

9:30 Classical and Contemporary Singing – the differences.

22:37 Worst Performance Experience.

25:20 Favourite Vocal Exercise.

27:48 Top Advice for Developing Singers

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Vocals Only: Singers ~ Are YOU drinking enough WATER?

Do you sing? If you do then drinking water each and every day isn’t a maybe…it’s a must. So how much should you be drinking? Let’s find out…

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Vocals Only: “The 5th Chair” – Episode Nine

Time to rid ourselves of four more voices. What have they done for us anyway besides entertain us and warm our hearts with their courage and determination?

This episode is short and snappy! Dr Dan takes a look at ‘Body Alignment’ (posture) and identifies the small adjustments that activate significant outcomes for the voice.

The episode finishes with an update to Dr Dan’s Top Eight (now only a ‘Top Three’) as well as Dr Dan’s “Pick of the Week.”

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Link 3: Kat Jade (

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“The 5th Chair” project with Dr Dan is a weekly independent video review of the third season of “The Voice Australia” (2014).

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