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Vocals Only: “The 5th Chair” – Episode Three

I’m currently reviewing the third season of “The Voice Australia” with a weekly video series called “The 5th Chair.”

Below is Episode Three. You can view an episodes 1 and 2 here –

Link 1: Aretha Franklin (
Link 2: Tahlia Tabone (
Link 3: Laura-Leigh Smith (
Link 4: Elise Baker (
Link 5: Julian Simonsz (

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Contemporary & Classical: Can You Do Both?
Voice Registration —
Registrational Transitions —

Week three and the final rounds of the Blind Auditions have been conducted. In this episode of “The 5th Chair” Dr Dan highlights the need for contemporary vocal training when you want to sing contemporary material.

The episode finishes with the final two singers being added to Dr Dan’s Top Eight as well as Dr Dan’s “Pick of the Week.”

“The 5th Chair” project with Dr Dan is a weekly independent video review of the third season of “The Voice Australia” (2014).

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