Thai Duck and the Impending Doom!

I haven’t been sleeping well these past few nights. At first I thought it might have been a dish of fabulous Thai Duck curry (HOT) disturbing my sleep patterns, but this possibility has passed (pun intendedJ). Having contemplated the possible cause of my temporary insomnia, I have settled on the notion that the impending submission date for my doctoral thesis is fast approaching and thus I am experiencing last-minute jitters. It’s not the date per se – everything is in hand and the last chapter is being written. What I have started to wrestle with is the inevitable empty nest. My baby, my research and subsequent writings, is about to leave home after 5 years of gestation and care; and I will no longer hold any control over its welfare. Once submitted the thesis will be placed in the care of the state (I’m stretching the analogy – but run with me) and decisions about my baby’s worth will be made by people who I hardly know. In time my baby will be returned to my care with suggestions covering how I might better develop its formation. Succinctly – I think I am working myself up to the ‘loss of control’ which will take place in just under two months (Submission date: 15th April, 2012).

Inevitably this will leave a big hole in my life and the life of my family. I have spent about 15-20hrs a week for the past five years reading, thinking, writing and editing. So, what to do with all this new-found time? At this stage my life will continue much the same as it has for the past few years. I will continue to read (albeit at a reduced pace), I will continue to think (hopefully good thoughts) and I will continue to write. The fulfilment of placing one’s thoughts on paper is an activity I have grown to enjoy; so I will continue to write for Voice in Worship and my voice coaching business, Djarts. This being said I ask for your patience over the coming weeks…I will not write another article for Voice in Worship until after my paper is submitted.

Once my commitment to submission is achieved I intend to write a number of entries for Voice in Worship covering select topics that have arisen from my research into the Contemporary Worship Singer. These articles will be intentionally designed to tease the reader (hopefully you); creating an appetite for the real thing. That’s right! I would love to share my doctoral paper with you once I have been awarded the A.O.K! For many of you it will be the first ever doctoral paper you have read…don’t worry…it is the first ever doctoral paper I have written; so we will make good companyJ. To make sure you don’t miss out on the worldwide release of my work you can subscribe to Voice in Worship either by email or through Facebook’s Networked Blogs (right-hand side of screen →).

Voice in Worship was originally developed to fulfil a component of my doctoral course work. Admittedly, I had only intended to write a few entries, achieve a good mark and move onto more pressing concerns. But many of you have encouraged me to continue the writing. I hope that as Voice in Worship remains with me into my post-doctoral life that it will continue to educate, inspire and challenge all of us. Yes, me as well! The comments left by readers are often challenging to my point of view and as a result I have grown. Please subscribe and engage – your comments make Voice in Worship rich and diverse.

About Dr Daniel K. Robinson

Daniel is a freelance artist and educator. In 2011 Daniel completed his Doctor of Musical Arts degree at the Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University. He has served as the Australian Voice Association (AVA) National President (2018–20), National Vice President (2009–11) and National Secretary for the Australian National Association of Teachers of Singing (2006–11) and was awarded the ANATS National Certificate of Recognition for service to the profession in 2012. Daniel is the principal Singing Voice Specialist for Djarts ( and presents workshops and seminars to church singers across Australia and abroad. He and his wife Jodie have three children and live in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

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