Vocals Only: “The 5th Chair” – Episode Four

Last week I was excited to learn that a number of worship teams are using my video series, “The 5th Chair,” as an educational tool during their team meetings. How have you been viewing the videos…I’d love to hear from you!

Link 1: Johnny vs Maybelle (http://bit.ly/1noSkG1)
Link 2: Elly vs Jess (http://bit.ly/1kIVX6e)
Link 3: Candice vs Thando (http://bit.ly/1kIVVLI)

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Week four sees the commencement of the Battle Rounds. Artists vs artists – they need to sing for their survival! Dr Dan discusses the all-important impact of transposition and queries whether the Battle rounds compare apples with apples.

The episode finishes with an update to Dr Dan’s Top Eight as well as Dr Dan’s “Pick of the Week.”

“The 5th Chair” project with Dr Dan is a weekly independent video review of the third season of “The Voice Australia” (2014).

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