Vocals Only: Making the most of Criticism | Dealing with Critics

If you’ve been singing for any length of time you will have received criticism about your voice and your performances. How do you make the most of the feedback and develop into the singer your desire to be? Let’s talk about making the most of criticism and dealing with your critics.

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  1. Great advice!

    I have found that most musicians can be very insecure when it comes to their performance, whatever their instrument might be. A good thing to always keep in mind is not to take critique personally. Don’t view it as a wounding of your soul! You can always make adjustments and do it different and / or better.

    I start from the position of knowing that I am good at what I do, maybe not as good as Brent Mason, Brad Paisley, or _____________, but I do know what I am doing. If a bandmate tells me that something I am doing on guitar isn’t working, we talk about why it might not be working, and then I just do something that will work. I don’t view it as an attack on my soul.

    A great follow up video or blog post might be “How To Give A Musician Effective Feedback.” If you are a worship leader, it is one of the hardest things to do, because it is so easy to hurt peoples feelings.

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